Pipestone Creek East Fall Splendor

Nineteen people came out to hike the Pipestone Creek trail section starting at the sod farm. It was a brilliant sunny day with the right amount of breeze to keep us comfortable on this challenging trail.

The trail has some challenging spots, where you are required to leap or sometimes wrangle a narrow space over a caved-in section. But the sections along a steep grassy slope were made so much easier as Trail Maintenance has been crafting a path by cutting into the hill. We keep this hike on our roster because it is one of the prettiest and most varied hikes in the Waskahegan Trail.

Hairy False-Golden-Aster (Heterotheca villosa)

As it is September now, the flora that stand out are the many kinds of mushrooms in the woods and this Hairy False-Golden-Aster (Heterotheca villosa) which we found in the cow pasture.

After the hike, we took turns at Sherry’s vehicle to unburden her of a load of delicious sweet, juicy apples fresh off the tree.

Thanks to John for scouting the hike, to trail maintenance for their outstanding work on maintaining this trail, and to the landowners for their continuing permission. You can find more photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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