Hiking the Trail

Please review Landowner Rights & Trail User Responsibilities before setting out on the trail.

For the day hiker, the Waskahegan Trail offers splendid opportunities to walk the land starting at trail heads within an hour’s drive from Edmonton.

Members can purchase a comprehensive guide book with detailed maps of over 40 hikes ranging in length from 5 to 15 kilometres.

We also have free guided hikes on weekends which anyone can join.

For the overnight backpacker, the Trail has some private “stopovers” and public campgrounds with toilets, shelters, and campfire rings.

Trails on private land

What makes the Waskahegan Trail special is that much of it is on private land. The Association and its members place a very high value on the generosity of the individual landowners that allow us to use their personal property. We make every effort to ensure that the trust of the landowners is not abused. Always check the trail conditions before heading out.Stile

The only permitted activities on theĀ  trail are hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (which may not be practical on trails with stiles). Bicycles, animals and powered vehicles are not permitted.

You will find many fence crossings via stiles. Our agreement with the landowners does not allow for the opening of any gates, or travel on any routes other than the marked trail. Use the stiles.

Potential hazards

The Waskahegan Trail can be adventurous but also hazardous.

  • Most of the trail is remote from help and travelled infrequently.
  • There are no special markers to flag the many potentially dangerous hazards.
  • Animals both domestic and wild may be encountered along the trail.

When you travel on the Waskahegan Trail, you must accept total responsibility for your own individual safety and well being. Do not travel on this trail if you do not want to accept this condition.

Using the trail on your own

There are scheduled group hikes on weekends that permit hikers to travel on the trail with the security that comes with traveling with companions.

If you travel on your own, we recommend going with at least one companion.