Our first video: How to Move a Stile

Two weeks ago,  a small work party went out to the Hastings Lake area to move a stile from one part of the fence to another.

Stiles are critical in making the trail accessible, so we thought it was high time we documented our technique for installing them.

We recorded the work party take out the old stile and put up the new stile.

Be sure to turn up the sound. And if you have any comments or questions, let us know in the Comments section!





Saunders Lake North Hike

Nine of us came out to hike the north section of Saunders Lake. After the week of hot weather and especially since the smoke had been drifting in from the BC wildfires, we were looking forward to hiking in cooler temperatures…even though the forecast called for rain.

As you know, we’re not “fair-weather” hikers. A long as there’s no lightening or high winds, or continuous downpour—and we’re dressed for it—we don’t mind a little rain.

We were sitting on the hill across from that spot where an eagle-pair makes its nest, finishing our lunch, when the drizzle began. We put on our ponchos and rain gear and headed back…while enjoying the finest walk in the rain that anyone could have on a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Stella for leading the hike.

You’ll find more pictures on Flickr.



Kopp Lake Hike

Nine people came out to Kopp Lake to hike the oldest section in the Waskahegan Trail system.

The weather was perfect. At the beginning, it was still quite wet from yesterday’s rain; we needed to watch those slippery roots on the path, but by the time we got to our lunch stop we could sit comfortably in the dry grass. Lots of raspberries along the way.

We did not see the bear that is apparently in the area, but that was probably its scat along the path.

It was great to have one of our guests identify some of the bird calls, especially the elusive Sora (Porzana carolina). There are obviously quite a few along this lake shore.

Thanks to Ilona for the notes and photos. You can view more photos on Flickr.

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