South Miquelon Hike at end of summer

Nine people came out to hike the South Miquelon trails starting on the section south outside the provincial park. This was a repeat of the hike done a few months ago, which was curtailed because of the dense mosquitoes. On this hike we encountered almost no mosquitoes except in the denser woods.

The last time, along the blue trail, the hikers saw baby hawks high up in a nest. This time, along the blue trail again, we saw horses.

When they saw us coming, they quickly came forward—what a friendly and inquisitive herd!

When we got to the park boundary, we could see the lake.

We arrived at the stile into the park, and had a decision to make—go into the park even though when it was scouted the previous week it was almost impassible because of wildly tall thistles? Or just have our lunch and turn back?

We decide to press forward. We took a route on an old road that ran through the woods until we were in sight of the lake shore. The walk along the wide alkaline shore, is unbelievably serene. Gentle breezes carry a faint ocean scent, and it’s very quiet. You do have to stay at the edge, thought, or else you will sink!

On our return, we took the usual route and discovered that the thistles were not nearly as bad as when the trail was scouted. As we approach fall, the extreme things about summer seem to be mellowing—temperatures, mosquitoes, and thistles.

After the hike, we drove north and west on Rabbit Run Road to the “old store” which has just reopened. Notable products here are Foothills Creamery ice cream and meats from Rosewood Fresh Meats at Czar.

Store at the End of Rabbit Run Road

Thanks to Lee for scouting the hike, to trail maintenance for their outstanding work on clearing the trail, and to the landowners for their continuing permission. You can find more photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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