Garage Day for Trail Maintenance

The Trail Maintenance volunteers have been preparing for the new season, making all the equipment and tools ready go.

A couple of weeks ago Brad took the trailer to his farm to do some necessary repairs. He made the fender firm, the gate better, and installed a new electrical connection to replace the damaged one. In between all of this, his bison herd has been calving—seven so far!

This trailer, which was purchased many years ago second-hand, is now back in the garage and ready for many more maintenance trips.

This week, eleven volunteers came out to the garage:

  • All the clippers were sharpened
  • The mowers got an oil change
  • Gas was mixed for the chainsaws and weed-eaters
  • Gas tanks were filled
  • Signage was cut
  • Sign bags were restocked
  • Weed-eaters were started
  • Shelves and countertops were cleaned

And Oscar checked all the chainsaws and started them. One of these chainsaws is going home to the Oscar “hospital”.

Also, Gary began a hands-on introduction to trailer pulling with Jon S.

It was a very productive day. The eleven members of the maintenance gang made a pretty big job enjoyable. Let’s hear it for teamwork!

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Trail Maintenance Wraps Up for 2020

This week, Trail Maintenance wound up for the year at Hughston Stopover at Coal Lake. There was a hike and a campfire with marshmallows. Sightings of wildlife included white tail deer, swans, beaver, rabbit, and grouse. It was a good day.

Fall is such a perfect time for trail maintenance—reasonable temperatures for working outdoors, no mosquitos, and a lot of great scenery.

Visit the Flickr album to see more of Sherry’s photos taken at Trail Maintenance this month.

Many thanks to coordinators Ellen and Sherry and to everyone who came out for this year’s work parties.