Fort Ethier Trail Clearing

Trail maintenance was moved to Tuesday in order to avoid the rain that was forecasted for our usual Wednesday. As a result, the turnout was small–only four people. But you can accomplish a lot with a couple of chainsaws, two bags of trail markers, and ribbon. Starting at the middle, two went east and two went west.

The trees along Bigstone Creek are old and majestic. So, when one of them falls, it’s a big deal. We cleared more than a few trees.

This tree landed lengthwise on top of the trail.

Hikers coming out on Sunday are in for a stunning show of fall colours.

Mix Stopover Trail Clearing

Seven came out to clear the 3 km orphan section of the Mix-Cloverlawn trail.

We used chainsaws, mower, hammer and shingles, signs, and clippers.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we appreciated the morning coolness that lingers longer now.

The cranberries are ripening and the bees and wasps are still active.

We are happy to report that the stopover cabin is in great shape.

The people coming to the barbecue on Sunday will have a pleasant hike.

There are more photos on Flickr

Ministik Trail Clearing

Eleven came out to clear the Ministik Lake trail from Spilstead Access to just past Horseshoe Lake. This is one of the longer sections for trail maintenance because there is no exit point along the way. We pushed the predator 5 km in and 5 km out.

We also used chainsaws to clear deadfall and clippers to clear branches, and we replaced many faded signs.
This tree has a huge shelf fungus that we’ll be sure to point out on the hike on Sunday.

The lunch break was well-deserved. There are more photos on Flickr.