Miquelon Hike – Birds!

Ten people came out to hike the trails south of Miquelon Provincial Park. This trail is spectacular for watching shorebirds at the edge the lake.

Here is another bird we encountered—a baby hawk in its nest. The parents were screeching at us to move along.

A trail marker like this will grab your attention.

In case there’s any question, this is not a Waskahegan trail marker.

The day was warm and humid. The air was so thick with mosquitoes, we decided to cut the hike short to just 7 km. In the group photo below, you can see how happy we were to have our cans of mosquito spray.

Thanks to John S. for scouting and leading the hike, to trail maintenance for their good work on clearing the trail, the landowners for their continuing permission, and the Alberta Provincial Parks and Recreation. And thanks to Mary for these awesome pictures. You can find all the photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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