How we’re acclimatizing this fall

How well we’re adapting to this cooler weather! On a day so gloomy that we could have been tempted to stay indoors, fourteen people instead came to hike in the Blackfoot Recreational Area. Our trail head was the Islet Lake Staging Area, and our lunch stop was in the Lost Lake Shelter.

The grasses have died back and fallen over, and the leaves have fallen off the trees. The rosehips and highbush cranberries will hang on for months to come. The water is not yet frozen. Under grey skies, it’s a moody scene. But to fourteen hikers, engaged in conversation, camaraderie, and exercise, it’s a refreshing and rejuvenating change of pace. We’re looking forward to doing more of this every Sunday.

You can see more photos from the hike on Flickr.


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