Battle River under a perfect October sky

When people talk about a blue October sky, you can picture exactly what they mean. The sun never climbs to the zenith, but casts long shadows even at mid-day. The rays are golden, giving the sky a distinctive, intense hue that complements the fields of straw, the bare grey tree trunks, and the forests of dark green spruce.

Thirteen of us came out to enjoy the fine weather and sun. When we got up to the meadow on the tableland, we spotted a deer high-tailing into the bush.

After lunch we visited the monument to Peter Fidler, the explorer and map maker. This is one of four monuments in Canada.

On the way back, we decided to take full advantage of the day by taking a relaxing and refreshing break at the pond.

Finally we carried on through the forest that we visited in July, this time without mosquitoes.

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