Kinsmen to Legislature Evening Hike

Nineteen people came out to celebrate this evening hike, the first of our city hikes this winter. There were old familiar faces and some new faces too. The hike was an opportunity to meet new people and get reacquainted with old friends.

As darkness fell, we walked eastward on the trails below Saskatchewan Drive, from the new 105st bridge to the Low Level Bridge. A few times we stopped a few times to take in the city skyline across the river.

After crossing the river and we continued through Irene Parlby Park and stopped to sing a Christmas carol. It could have been an image on a Christmas card—carolers in wool hats and scarves, standing under a street lamp, with elegantly decorated Victorian-style houses in the background.

The hike continued across the new footbridge, then under the 5th Street Bridge and the High Level Bridge. Turning at the Royal Glenora Club we climbed the staircase out of the river valley and reached the Legislature. Inside, we warmed up while listening to the Christmas concert. Then we returned across the High Level Bridge.

Half of us went on to Rosso, a restaurant, at the end of the bridge, and ended the evening with Christmas cheer.

You can see more amazing night-time photos on Flickr.

Winter arrives at Blackfoot Lake

At 8 a.m., we were wondering who would show up for the hike. The snow had been coming down for hours, and it would continue doing so for the rest of the day. It was just the sort of weather that can make you think I’m staying in today.

But ten people did come out to hike at the Blackfoot Lake end of Blackfoot Recreation Area.

It was fine weather for a winter walk in the woods—not too cold, only a few inches of snow, and the continuous falling of snowflakes that a creates beauty and silence that you get to enjoy only a few times a year.

Highlights of the hike include seeing this coyote on the lake, and then later, listening to a chorus of coyotes yipping and howling not too far away.

Thanks to Anita for leading the hike. You can see more pictures on Flickr.


Chickakoo Lake Area Hike

Forty-five kilometers west of Edmonton is the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area, one of the more scenic woodlands for day hiking in the region.

Thirteen hikers came out on the sunny Sunday and walked from hilltop to hilltop, passing by and overlooking the frozen lakes.

Over the week, the warmer temperatures and the foot traffic had turned the snow-covered paths to ice, especially on the south-facing slopes. Those of us who had grips for their boots, or used poles, were glad they had thought to bring them. Stella, however, found the easiest way to descend one of the steeper hills—by sliding down on her down-filled jacket.

We had our lunch under the gazebo, and finished the day with a short hike around Dog Leg pond.

Thanks to Johanna for scouting and leading this hike. You can view more pictures on Flickr.