Wanisan to Meadow Shelter Hike

Fifteen people came out in very fine weather to hike the Wanisan sections of the trail into the Blackfoot Recreation Area.

On the first part of the Wanisan section, we stopped at our Wanisan Stopover for a short break. Then it was on to the boardwalks that edge up against the beaver dams.

The elegant water calla was in bloom, but the flowers weren’t as remarkable as previous years. However the wild pea vine blossoms were large and abundant. Perhaps this is a reflection of the cool temperatures we’ve had until now.

Once we reached the park, we walked a loop starting and ending at Meadow Shelter. After lunch, we took a different path back to the gates and then the trail head. As we walked past the ponds, we watched the terns swooping back and forth above our heads.

Thanks to Johanna for leading the hike, to trail maintenance for maintaining the trail, and to the staff at Blackfoot Recreation Area for their attention and care of the park and its visitors. You can see all the photos on our Flickr album.

Where we’re going next.

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