Cloverlawn Hike

Twelve people came out to hike the Cloverlawn trail, from north of Coal Lake to Mud Lake. The day started cool and windy, but it gradually warmed up. About half the time we were sheltered in the woods. For the duration of the hike we either putting on layers or taking off layers under the ever-changing sky.

We stopped a while at the pet cemetery, and continued up to Stan’s Bench. From this high point we admired the scene from Coal Lake to Mud Lake and the green valley in between.

The flowers we saw today included columbine, arnica, slender blue beardtongue (Penstemon), mouse-eared chickweed, stickseed (Hackelia floribunda), wild strawberry, Canada anemone, Canada violet, lungwort (bluebells, Mertensia), false Solomon seal, prairie onion, heart-leaved Alexanders, twining honeysuckle, and bunchberry.

Lunch was on the slope overlooking Mud Lake.

Thanks to Helen for leading the hike, to trail maintenance for maintaining the trail, and to the landowners for their continuing generous permission. You can see all the photos on our Flickr album.

Where we’re going next.

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