Pipestone Creek Spectacular

Twenty hikers came out to hike Pipestone Creek westward from the sod farm to the slope just before the bridge.  It was a perfect day in many ways…not too hot, not overgrown, free of mosquitoes, challenging enough but not difficult, and very green. For views and natural experiences, it was spectacular.

Within minutes on the trail, we spotted a porcupine in deep slumber. The dozing creature was lightly shielded by foliage just feet away from the trail.

Later on the road between trail segments, we watched a very brown snowshoe hare run past us in the woods along the side.

We identified some distinctive violets—the crowfoot and the northern bog. There were also bluets (Houstonia). Although these tiny-flowered patches range wide in parkland areas, they are not commonly seen.

Thanks to John for leading the hike, to Lee for scouting it, to trail maintenance for maintaining and improving the trail, and to the landowners for their continuing generous permission. You can see all the photos on our Flickr album.

Where we’re going next.

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