Fort Ethier to Bigstone Creek

Nine people came out to hike the trail starting at Fort Ethier. The views from far above Bigstone Creek are very stunning.  From on top of a steep, sheer, embankment we looked down upon a forest of tall Spruce trees. The picturesque creek winds through the stand of trees.

The trail switches quickly from being close to the creek, to far above the Bigstone.  It was a warm day for climbing. Thanks to Brad (and whoever helped him) for providing us with ropes on the steepest sections. They were needed for both up and down!

Once again, the most viewed wildlife was mosquitoes, followed closely by ants and their giant hills.

On the way back a herd of cows were very interested in our group.

After the hike we were joined by Mrs. Lucas who told us about the history of the area, of her family, and of Fort Ethier.  They have been on that property since the early 1880s.  

We were welcomed to enter the Blockhouse and check it out. Then off for a quick look at the Alpacas.  Again, Mrs. Lucas treated us to a talk about the history and habits of Alpacas.  We now know a lot about their breeding and mating.  

Thank you to everyone who came out, to trail maintenance for their outstanding work on clearing the trail, and to Mrs. Lucas and the other landowners for their continued permission. You will find more photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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