Garage Day for Trail Maintenance

The Trail Maintenance volunteers have been preparing for the new season, making all the equipment and tools ready go.

A couple of weeks ago Brad took the trailer to his farm to do some necessary repairs. He made the fender firm, the gate better, and installed a new electrical connection to replace the damaged one. In between all of this, his bison herd has been calving—seven so far!

This trailer, which was purchased many years ago second-hand, is now back in the garage and ready for many more maintenance trips.

This week, eleven volunteers came out to the garage:

  • All the clippers were sharpened
  • The mowers got an oil change
  • Gas was mixed for the chainsaws and weed-eaters
  • Gas tanks were filled
  • Signage was cut
  • Sign bags were restocked
  • Weed-eaters were started
  • Shelves and countertops were cleaned

And Oscar checked all the chainsaws and started them. One of these chainsaws is going home to the Oscar “hospital”.

Also, Gary began a hands-on introduction to trailer pulling with Jon S.

It was a very productive day. The eleven members of the maintenance gang made a pretty big job enjoyable. Let’s hear it for teamwork!

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