Spring Hike to Rest and Be Thankful Hill

The hike in the East Battle River to Rest and Be Thankful Hill is traditionally our first hike of the summer season. Eighteen people, five of them hiking with us for the first time, came out to enjoy the 9.8 km walk under clear blue skies.

Along the way, we discovered this deer skeleton. If the head looks odd, that’s because this wasn’t the original position of the jawbone. We moved it there to “complete” the skeleton, but it’s probably not in a realistic position. We didn’t touch anything else.

This beautiful prairie crocus (Anemone patens) is the reason why we visit the trail at this time of year.

At the end of the trail we made our way up Rest and Be Thankful Hill. It’s the perfect spot for lunch.

Thanks go to Mary for scouting the hike, to Elizabeth for assisting, and to the landowners for their continuing generosity. You can find these photos and more on Flickr.

Here’s where we’re hiking next

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