Blackfoot Recreation Area: Snow Day Hike

After the bitter temperatures and dark, grey days of the preceding week, we were overjoyed to be on the trails of the Blackfoot Staging Area under a clear blue sky. Even as the day warmed up, the snow was still cold and crisp, making it especially fine for cross country skiers.

Eight of us arrived at the Waskehegan Staging Area—seven hikers and one skier as the tail-ender. We managed to keep together for the whole 12 km, with the hikers stepping carefully around or between the set tracks, and Brad, the skier, timing his swoops downhill.

We didn’t know it, but the park was celebrating Snow Day. We were lucky to be able to have our lunch in Meadow Shelter, which was heated by a crackling fire in the wood stove. And at the end of the hike, we were even more grateful that we had gone the whole distance, so that we could reward ourselves with hot chocolate at the parking lot.

Thanks to John for leading the hike.

You can find more pictures on Flickr.

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