Devon Hike: A Peaceful Escape

Nine people came out to hike the Devon trails.

The starting point was the North Saskatchewan River, which continues to rush like it’s spring. The river seems a long way from freezing up, even though it is now January. (Go North Saskatchewan River!)

Walking through the steep forested ravine is an experience that always makes us feel small—the side slopes and the trees are gigantic. The ravine also gives us a feeling of peacefulness and sanctuary—as if we have dipped into a crack in the earth to escape the noise and distraction of urban life and everyday concerns.


The town’s trail at the north end, above the golf course, is now a Trans Canada Trail. It’s well used and frequented by squirrels and birds. This squirrel, holding a hazelnut in its mouth, stayed put while we snapped picture after picture.

There are more photos on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Devon Hike: A Peaceful Escape”

  1. What a beautiful hiking and great pictures.
    If our winter has been warm to the point of not freezing rivers and creeks, I am concerned about the kind of summer we will have.
    I was in Canmore at Christmas and saw unfreeze creek. South of Brazil the temperature are abnormally 40C+ …10 degrees above the normal temperature.
    Joanne, you again did a fabulous job describing this event .


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