Trail Clearing along Bigstone Creek

A48 towards A49

With only 5 workers we split into 2 groups going in on a road allowance from Twp 470 to “B” and 3 workers went west and 2 north. We cleared about 4.5km with chain saws, weed eaters, signing and some clipping.

IMG_2166 (1024x768)

With more people we could have resurrected the blue route at “B” an alternate trail that gets us off of the field and down by the Bigstone Creek again as well we could have cleared a little farther and clipped more. The rain has increased the growth everywhere this year and added to the challenge.

However we did meet with landowner Warren Lyle to get his permission to use the road allowance which is a huge saving in TM efforts; we did not have to go from A48 to A49 6.8km! Thank you!

Trail Maintenance Crew takes a break

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