Landowner Rights & Trail User Responsibilities

The Waskahegan Trail is a unique resource that exists only because of the generosity of landowners. Before you set foot on the trail, know the landowner rights and the trail user responsibilities.

Rest and Be Thankful here

This was the coldest hike yet but 20 people showed up for our hike at East Battle River to Rest and Be Thankful Hill.

Thanks to the fellows with strong muscles, we managed to get the gate open so 20 of us didn’t have to pass through the barbed wire.

There was a patchwork of snow. In places, there were multiple trails so we had fun exploring different paths. There was little fear of getting lost, as the scenic Battle River valley was close at hand.

There was no mud because it was frozen, but we did find a few slippery icy spots! Separation break was a challenge, as there were few leaves for cover.

There were no flowers but there was an interesting old shed, a couple pieces of antique farm equipment and a couple remnants of antique automobiles the way we came back.

We got back in good time—at that temperature people weren’t tempted to tarry long for lunch!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the hike, to Trail Maintenance for clearing the trail, and to Michele F. for photos. You can find more photos in our Flickr album.

Wanisan Lake Autumn Hike

Twelve people came out to hike at Wanisan Lake. It was a crisp day but everyone seemed to enjoy getting out. We had people we hadn’t seen since Goldeye, and a few we hadn’t seen all summer. Some of us even brought family members.

Stuart demo’d his fire lighting skills and it added a nice touch to our lunch break.

The blue trail viewpoint gave a wintry view of the wetlands with a new coat of ice.

I was especially happy to see the totally fine job Brad and his work crew did on fixing up both ends of the first beaver dam crossing. That was a big job.

This would make a wonderful winter hike that could go on to the Meadow Shelter for lunch.

Thanks to everyone who came out and for Trail Maintenance for all their hard work. You can find more photos on Flickr.

Trail Maintenance Wraps Up for 2020

This week, Trail Maintenance wound up for the year at Hughston Stopover at Coal Lake. There was a hike and a campfire with marshmallows. Sightings of wildlife included white tail deer, swans, beaver, rabbit, and grouse. It was a good day.

Fall is such a perfect time for trail maintenance—reasonable temperatures for working outdoors, no mosquitos, and a lot of great scenery.

Visit the Flickr album to see more of Sherry’s photos taken at Trail Maintenance this month.

Many thanks to coordinators Ellen and Sherry and to everyone who came out for this year’s work parties.