Hike: Wanisan Lake to Meadow Shelter

On October 29, thirteen brave souls came out on a cold blustery day for a hike on well maintained trails covered with fallen leaves.We hiked about 7 km on a number of Blackfoot Recreation Area trails. Then we stopped for a well deserved break for lunch at Meadows Shelter.

After warming up, we continued on the Waskahegan Trail along Wanisan Lake.

The maintenance crew did a great job of repairing and replacing boardwalks. However, the beavers have been very active this fall.

…This boardwalk was almost surrounded by a beaver den.
Great opportunity to see a den up close.

Hiking Bunchberry Meadows

Six of us set out in the crisp coolness of the morning through the pathways of Tuckers Field along a ridge of old trees and fallen leaves to arrive at Bunchberry’s backdoor. The forest held such a variety with meadows inbetween. Here the birch make their stand.Tamaracks laid a cushy yellow carpet and¬†perfumed the air.¬†

The sun was out to celebrate our day hiking Bunchberry!

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Hike: A60 to Schnee Hill

A60 to Schnee Hill The day was forecasted to be chilly and grey, but it turned out to be just the opposite.

We eleven hikers started out dressed for winter, but as the day went on, we kept stopping to shed layers.

At this time of year, every day like this is a bonus.

Here are some photos. You’ll find more on Flickr.

Schnee Hill