Before participating in a Waskahegan Trail event, you must sign a waiver. There are different waivers for members,  non-members, and accompanied minors (under 18).

Printed waiver forms: Signatures must be witnessed at the time that the waiver is signed. If you do not have a witness, please sign the waiver in the presence of your hike leader/event coordinator who can then witness your signature.

Online waiver forms: At the waiver page, read through to the bottom and click “I accept.”


If you are a member who participates in a Waskahegan Trail events, you can fill out the member waiver upon payment of membership dues. The waiver is valid for 5 years, or the term of the membership, whichever is earlier.

Download member waiver for printing

Use the online member waiver.


All non-members must complete and sign a non-member waiver for each Waskahegan event attended.

Download non-member waiver for printing.

Use the online non-member waiver (includes carpooling poll)

Accompanied Minors

Each person in the family who is taking part in a Waskahegan Trail event must complete a waiver. Family members who are under 18 years of age must have a child waiver completed and signed by a legal guardian.

Download child waiver for printing

What we do with the waivers

  • Member waivers are kept on file by the Membership Secretary. They are destroyed two years after the member’s resignation.
  • Non-member and child waivers are kept on file by the hike coordinator. They are destroyed two years after the hike.