Before participating in a Waskahegan Trail event, you must sign a waiver. There are different waivers for members,  non-members, and accompanied minors (under 18).

Printed waiver forms: Signatures must be witnessed at the time that the waiver is signed. If you do not have a witness, please sign the waiver in the presence of your hike leader/event coordinator who can then witness your signature.

Online waiver forms: At the waiver page, read through to the bottom and click “I accept.”


If you are a member who plans to participate in Waskahegan Trail events, you will be invited to fill out the member waiver when you join, but you can do this at any time. The waiver is valid for 5 years, or the term of the membership, whichever is earlier.

Fill out the online member waiver.

Download member waiver for printing


All non-members must complete and sign a non-member waiver for each Waskahegan event attended.

Fill out the online non-member waiver

Download non-member waiver for printing.

Accompanied Minors

Each person in the family who is taking part in a Waskahegan Trail event must complete a waiver. Family members who are under 18 years of age must have a child waiver completed and signed by a legal guardian.

Download child waiver for printing

Waiver management

  • Member waivers are kept on file by the Webmaster. They are destroyed two years after the member’s resignation.
  • Non-member and child waivers are kept on file by the hike coordinator . They are destroyed two years after the event.