Trail Maintenance at Wanisan Shelter

The trail maintenance volunteers have been eager to get out and get back to work.

Last Friday we had a break in the weather and scheduled our first work party of the year. The crew went to Wanisan Shelter and applied two coats of stain, removed garbage left behind by visitors, and swept the outhouses.

Of course, there was standing water on the trail in many places, so we did not mow or venture farther than the shelter.

This week we visited Ross Creek and reinforced and widened the bridge. They also added ramps for the mower.

Instead of going out to a restaurant for coffee afterwards, we have been enjoying a tailgate party with Italian sandwiches and strawberries from the garden—thanks to Sherry!

Fort Ethier Trail Clearing

Trail maintenance was moved to Tuesday in order to avoid the rain that was forecasted for our usual Wednesday. As a result, the turnout was small–only four people. But you can accomplish a lot with a couple of chainsaws, two bags of trail markers, and ribbon. Starting at the middle, two went east and two went west.

The trees along Bigstone Creek are old and majestic. So, when one of them falls, it’s a big deal. We cleared more than a few trees.

This tree landed lengthwise on top of the trail.

Hikers coming out on Sunday are in for a stunning show of fall colours.