WTA Scheduled Hikes !

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we have not currently scheduled any WTA hikes.

The trail is still open for hiking, but please adhere to the provincial regulations (i.e., limiting outdoor recreation activities to members of your household, or if you live alone with your two close contacts). 

With due to the lack of rain/snow this year the trails that were maintained last year are still in excellent condition. If you choose to go on the trail please check the ‘Trail Conditions’ page on the web site.

Pipestone Creek Trail Reopened

It was 2014 the last time we hiked the eastern section of Pipestone Creek. Each year, the land was falling in even more, especially in the first section where the gorge was growing ever inward into a hay field. The trail had always been challenging to hike because of its ups and down, particularly on the left (northern) bank where it is steep and narrow. This summer, we decided to repair the trail to get it back in shape.For this hike, 12 people can out, even though the weather was cool and there was the possibility of rain. But it never did rain. It was a perfect day for hiking.

The leaves are just starting to turn colour. The flowers are mostly gone. But the forests are full of mushrooms. Here are a few of them.

In Waskahegan tradition, whenever we open or re-open a trail, we celebrate with a champagne toast. And that’s just what we did at the deck overlooking a particularly beautiful section of the creek.

Thanks to John for leading the hike and to Trail Maintenance for all their work on the trail. You can find more photos on our Flickr album.

Fort Ethier to Bigstone Creek – Cancelled

Unfortunately we had to cancel this Sunday’s hike (Fort Ethier to Bigstone Creek, September 16th).

It is one of our more challenging hikes due to the change in terrain, but also a very scenic one as we follow the creek.

So with the rain/snow John checked the trail Saturday morning and determining it was too wet and slick.  He couldn’t make it up the first hill, even with the ropes, and that wasn’t even the toughest hill.

Hope to reschedule when it warms and dries up.