Maintenance at Miquelon North


004We built two 10 ft. lengths of boardwalk adding on from the bridge we built April 27th, which will be even better in wet weather. We were short a couple of boards and it needs a ramp at the ends…finishing touches next yr.

We chained and clipped in the reroute and at the Miquelon road end.

From Ministik to the reroute I chained and Bonnie did some signing and clipping and clearing, but after I refilled the chain saw with gas it refused to keep running! It started but then would die….Oscar said there is always more issues with the saws when it is hot. Anyway I had to leave the last 15 or so trees but not bad to step over… year we will get the rest.

We had not enough people to do any more (like weed eating), but it was good to go for the hike.