Ministik Trail Clearing

Eleven came out to clear the Ministik Lake trail from Spilstead Access to just past Horseshoe Lake. This is one of the longer sections for trail maintenance because there is no exit point along the way. We pushed the predator 5 km in and 5 km out.

We also used chainsaws to clear deadfall and clippers to clear branches, and we replaced many faded signs.
This tree has a huge shelf fungus that we’ll be sure to point out on the hike on Sunday.

The lunch break was well-deserved. There are more photos on Flickr.

Miquelon Lake Trail Clearing and Hike Preview

Seven people came out to clear the trail up to the south end of Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. The path was mowed, the boardwalk was cleared, and many old faded signs were replaced.

Once we reached the Blue Route, five of us went on to scout the trail into the park, skirting around Miquelon Lake #2. The shore around the lake is drier than it has been in previous years, so we were pleased to be able to walk on it without sinking. The walk along the western shore is simply stunning.

Here are some American Avocets and other birds.

There are many more pictures on Flickr.