Bunchberry Meadows Hike

The weather for the Bunchberry Meadows hike was pleasantly warm for early February. Nine people came out to this unique property, which is just north of Devon.

The trail conditions were very good. The 8 kms or so of pathways we hiked in the Bunchberry Meadows and Tucker’s Field were well packed, owing to the heavy traffic the day before.


A highlight of the day was hand-feeding the fearless chickadees. We were grateful to Stella for bringing birdseed and sharing it with us. It was an amazing moment, especially for those who had never experienced the ability to get this close to nature.

Forest of larches at Bunchberry Meadows

The terrain was virtually flat, which made the pace of the hike relaxed and comfortable. It didn’t even tax those of us who aren’t getting out as much as we’d like.

Thanks to Lee for help with scouting, suggesting route alternates, and clearing the picnic tables. You can find all the photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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