Middle Battle River Hike

Last Sunday, five people came out to hike the Middle Battle River part of the trail starting at Peter Fidler’s monument and going west. The day was warm and humid, with some occasional cooling breezes on the open slopes.

This is a trail that puts you right in the heart of agriculture. Much of the forested path runs alongside yellow canola fields and waving green fields of oats—a happy reminder of our food sovereignty fortune.

On a poplar-lined path along the bottom of a slope, we discovered a small herd of black cattle lying in the cooling shade. There was no way around these large creatures without “cornering” them against the fence. So, we approached gently, and they got to their feet and cleared out, allowing us to pass through safely. On the way back, we found the cattle had returned and this time there were even more of them. Who could blame them? It really is a choice spot.

Our lunch was at the site of the “old house”, which is now just a few concrete steps in a grassy field with a great view of the green and gold valley.

Thanks to Lee for scouting and leading the hike and to Trail Maintenance for mowing and clearing the path, and to the landowners for their continuing support. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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