A mid-April hike at South Saunders Lake

It was a bright Easter Sunday morning, and the blanket of snow that had fallen over central Alberta had already melted away. Ten people gathered at the south end of Saunders Lake to hike along the shore.

As we walked along, the clouds rolled in. Along with the ice on the lake that was just starting to open up, it created a dramatic sight. Adding to the drama, we heard loud rumblings coming from the lake. We theorized on what would make that sound. Ice shifting? Methane bubbles rising?

One of the outstanding sights in this landscape are the occasional trees at the lake’s edge. Without the leaves, they can look particularly gnarly.

There were geese, ducks, and seagulls, often standing on ice, sometimes finding a bit of water to sit in.

Lunch was on a grassy hill in full view of the lake. All of the land is quite dry and perfect for hiking now.

Thanks to Lee for scouting and leading the hike, and to the landowners for their continuing generosity. You can find all the photos on Flickr.

Where we’re hiking next.

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