Battle River West Hike

Nineteen people came out to hike the trail from Gwynne to Schnee Hill. The trail starts at the top overlooking the Gwynne valley and continues with magnificent views along the way.

It was a glorious autumn day that started with light frost sprinkled over the countryside. Backlit by the sun low on the horizon, the landscape looked like the setting of a glittery fantasy.

We were counting on the river being as low as it was earlier this year when you could just ford across. But the river was not so low this time.

We had to take the reroute up to the road to cross, and that added 3 km to the route. As a result, we stopped short of reaching Schnee Hill. We chose a lunch spot that was perfectly satisfactory as it was dry and open and it gave us grand views of the valley.

Thanks to Lee for leading the hike, to Trail Maintenance for the work they did on the trail this summer, and to the landowners for their generosity in allowing us to maintain the trail. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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