Ross Creek Hike

Six hikers came out for a wonderful blue-sky, 9 km hike along a dried-up Ross Creek.

The drought was very much at work here as you can see by the diminished size of Walker’s Pond.

A great surprise we came upon while scouting, then later hiking, was the wide, recently-mulched section of trail. It was done by the new owners of Walker’s land.

This trail section went on for about 2 km.

We had a relaxed and somewhat longer-than-usual lunch on a hill past the gas well. The conversation was scintillating, with everything covered from genetic engineering to the opioid crisis to the politics of the day. Good fun, enjoyable and a wonderful time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to hike, to the new landowners who made the mulched trail, and to the trail maintenance work party for maintaining the rest of the Ross Creek trail. You can find more photos on Flickr

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