West Battle River (to Schnee Hill) Hike

On Sunday, four Waskahegan Trail Association Members adventured this (approx.) 12km hike which took us along the West Battle River to the top of Schnee Hill.

It was an extremely hot and smoky day from the British Columbia wildfires.

We were sure to bring lots of water and an adventurous spirit.

Along the way we found West Battle River to be a beautiful winding creek..

Highbush Cranberry (viburnum edule)

Along the way, we admired Saskatoon, Blueberry, and Highbush Cranberry bushes close-up. We did not stop to c consume them; perhaps next time.

A highlight was the Giant Goldenrod in full bloom, that suitably attracted giant bees that seemed to enjoy them.

Giant Goldenrod (s. gigantea)

At the top of a hill along the way, we rested and admired the beautiful and expansive view of the valley (along the way to Schnee Hill). The bench was newly constructed; we were surprised to find it.

Thanks to Anita P. for being the hike leader.

If you would like to join a future Waskahegan Trail hike, please view our Waskahegan Trail Hiking Schedule and join us!

See you on the trail!

More photos can be seen on Flickr.

Photo credit: Stella Cormier

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