North Hastings Lake and Allen Nature Trail Hike

Eleven people came out to hike North Hastings Lake and Allen Nature Trail. The day was cool and grey, which was very refreshing, and the smoke drifting from the B.C. wildfires was lingering only lightly in the air.

At the Allen Nature Trail, we spent some time watching the birds across the cove through binoculars on tripods.

Below are two unusual flowers at the edge of the cove. One flower is Northern Grass-of-Parnassus, but does anyone know what the other is? The green “bulbs” on the stalk appear to be the flowers.

[Edit: We have learned from a botanist that the mystery plant is a Northern Bog Orchid, near the end of its flowering stage. Thanks to everyone who replied!]

Thanks to Anita for leading the hike, to Trail Maintenance for clearing the trails, and to Jeff and Marja Allen for hosting us and for the cattails! There are more photos on Flickr.

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    • Thanks Barry, and to the many people who emailed as well. A botanist has confirmed it–it’s a Northern Bog Orchid. What a rare treat! The post has been updated above.


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