Fort Ethier – Bigstone Creek Hike

Eleven brave souls came out to hike this popular but challenging hike. It was a hot day under a clear blue sky—a day that will be remembered as the beginning of a record-setting heat wave engulfing western Canada.

The trail is challenging enough for its many ups and downs. We were grateful that Trail Maintenance came through about 10 days before. They mowed a nice path along the planted fields and installed a lot of new rope to help us get up and down the slopes.

The trail has many scenic views, but also some nice surprises, including western wood lilies and a patch of yellow lady-slipper orchids.

Other flowers seen today were Canada anemone, bunchberry, and a wild geranium.

Thanks to Lee for leading the hike and to Trail Maintenance for their fine work. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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