Rest and Be Thankful here

This was the coldest hike yet but 20 people showed up for our hike at East Battle River to Rest and Be Thankful Hill.

Thanks to the fellows with strong muscles, we managed to get the gate open so 20 of us didn’t have to pass through the barbed wire.

There was a patchwork of snow. In places, there were multiple trails so we had fun exploring different paths. There was little fear of getting lost, as the scenic Battle River valley was close at hand.

There was no mud because it was frozen, but we did find a few slippery icy spots! Separation break was a challenge, as there were few leaves for cover.

There were no flowers but there was an interesting old shed, a couple pieces of antique farm equipment and a couple remnants of antique automobiles the way we came back.

We got back in good time—at that temperature people weren’t tempted to tarry long for lunch!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the hike, to Trail Maintenance for clearing the trail, and to Michele F. for photos. You can find more photos in our Flickr album.

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