Miquelon Provincial Park: Home of Frogs

Our hike began with the amphibian walk led by Kayleen, the park interpreter.

At the start, Kayleen explained that because amphibians breathe through their skin, the health of their population is a good indicator of the health of the environment.

So, what would we find out about the health of this particular section of Beaver Hills Country?

To ensure our chances of seeing anything, Kayleen led the fourteen Waskehagen hikers and several families to the Holdsworth Trail. It’s a more secluded and lesser used trail compared to other trails in the park.

Among the many good reasons to hike with children, there’s this: they are great at catching frogs. Here are some of the special moments where we could not have done without them.

The results: We counted 206 wood frogs, 3 boreal chorus frogs, and a garter snake.

After lunch near the visitor’s centre, we set out on Miquelon’s other trails starting with the Chickadee Loop. We stopped looking for frogs, but we did see a large red-sided garter snake before it slithered into the bushes.

Thanks to Elizabeth for scouting and leading this hike. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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