Lavish ponds of the Blackfoot Recreation Area

For this hike, we went deeper into the country than we had since spring, into the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area in the heart of the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

The trail from the Waskehegan Staging Area (not related to the Waskahegan Trail—note the difference in spelling) had been scouted on Thursday.

So the eight of us knew exactly what was in store for us. Although the rains had made a mess of some of the trails, the lushness of the vegetation and the filled-to-the-brim ponds more than made up for it.

The humidity and the mosquitoes were no match for us. Especially when we were treated to these water calla in full bloom. There were mounds of these in almost every pond.

Thanks to John for scouting and leading this hike. You can find more photos on our Flickr album.

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