Signs of Spring on the Devonian Trail

Ten people came out to hike the Parkland County Trail from the Devonian Trail to Prospector’s Point. We started at the end of the boardwalk south of the University of Alberta Botanic Garden on Highway 60, continued toward Bunchberry Meadows, passed Tucker’s Field, and finally walked on a wide woodland path along the North Saskatchewan River through the Imrie Property, and down to Prospector’s Point at the river.

The day was sunny and warm. The breezes kept the mosquitos away. It seems early for mosquitos, but what a treat for these birds.

Spring flowers, besides the ubiquitous dandelion on acreage side yards, included early blue violets and several blossoms—carargana, saskatoon, and chokecherry.

Lunch was on the lawn at the picnic area of Prospector’s Point.

Thanks to Lee for leading this hike. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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