Sunday Evening Stroll Down Candy Cane Lane

Every Christmas, the residents on 148th Street have been voluntarily decorating their yards and houses in a riot of lights, props, and sculpture for enjoyment by citizens and visitors to Edmonton. This spectacle, dubbed Candy Cane Lane, has just completed its 51st year. Back in the ‘70s, people used to get in their cars and drive slowly down the long street. Now we’re more likely to get out and walk, or ride on a decorated horse-drawn wagon. Each year, the displays have gotten more detailed, more whimsical, and more beautiful, so that you really want to keep pausing to take it all in.

A visit to Candy Cane Lane after dark is one of the great old Christmas traditions in Edmonton. And that’s why the Waskahegan Trail Association has made the Candy Cane Lane stroll one of our traditional winter “hikes”.

Thanks to Lee for “scouting” the logistics and leading the seven of us on a magical evening. And a great big THANK YOU to the people who live on 148 St. for their unwavering hard work, creativity, and dedication in continuing this much-loved tradition.

You can find more photos on Flickr.

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