North Coal Lake afternoon hike

North Coal Lake is one of our top places for late afternoon hiking. The trail runs through wide open country on one side and the forest edge on the other. The view of the lake is non-stop until it ends half-way, and then it’s lush pasture all the way up to our lunch point on the hill. As the heat of the day dissipates, the birds become more active and all of nature is glowing in the angled sunlight.

Twelve people came out to finish their weekend in fresh air and camaraderie on this 10 km hike.

Lots of new flowers were discovered, including huge patches of one of our favourite herbs—Wild Bergamot (Monarda, not to be confused with the ingredient in Earl Grey tea, which is a the tropical Citrus aurantium). They have been used as a potherb (like oregano) and to make delicious tea.
This picture was taken back at the boat launch. If you blow it up, you will see that the white floating thing is a pelican. We didn’t know that they would get so close to people!

Thanks to Johanna for leading this hike and to the trail maintenance crew for their work on the trail—especially on repairing the bridge.

You can find more photos on Flickr.

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  1. How wonderful! The pictures were so evocative of my time on the trail. Someone has done a great job on the small bridge. Well done.

    Louise davis


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