Miquelon Provincial Park Trails Hike

“You’ll see a lot more animals in the park at this time year,” says Scott Malcolm. “Elk, deer, moose—as soon as hunting season begins.”

The animals kept out of our sight, but their tracks were everywhere—from the large ungulates…to hares…to the fallen-in tunnel made by a mouse when it crawled under the snowy path to get to the other side.

Fourteen people came out to hike the trails of this provincial park. We noted that the forested, hilly country is dotted with lakes and ponds so that every few minutes you see something new. The winter season is especially rewarding because that’s when the contours of the land and the forest interiors really stand out.

The group had lunch at the site of an abandoned 100-year-old house.

Thanks to Irene and Scott for leading this hike. You can find more photos on Flickr.



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