Battle River Hike from Peter Fidler Monument to Duhamel

The ongoing heat wave was no obstacle for the six people who came out to hike the forest trail along the Battle River. The old trees provided a welcome canopy against the beating sun, and we found pockets of cool breezes in between pockets of humidity and mosquitos.

One of the few open areas on this trail is at the top of the land, above the forest. Here is a large pond that has filled in what was once a gravel pit.

This trail had not been used in a few years, and clearing it took some effort. You can read about how a small crew cut through a fallen tree that was more than 100 years old and see the photos here.

The rest of the trail maintenance—mowing, clipping, signing—took place on Saturday with 9 people just the day before the hike.

Lunch was at the Ross Flats Campground (what we used to call Duhamel Campground).

Here we are with the ancient tree. There are more photos on Flickr.


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