A gripping story

Icy path We all knew what the joggers were thinking even before they opened their mouths.

As they ran toward us, they would look at our boots, then look up and nod with relief: “Good, you have grips.”

Winter grips and where to buy them was the focus of conversation for the first hour of the hike. From a $6 bargain at Princess Auto to $50 or more for high end at Campers Village, there’s a version for everyone.

The trail was a thick sheet of ice. But we were like penguins—slow and steady.

Once we crossed the river to the north side, there was less ice, and what was there was softening from the warming temperature.

Edmonton funicularThen the eleven of us played tourist. We took the new funicular up to the foot of the McDonald Hotel. We walked through the Rossdale flats to the Legislature for lunch.

Finally, we returned to the south side over the LRT footbridge.

All together with the funicular side trip, the hike was a fun 10 km.

More pictures on Flickr.

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