Fort Ethier and Bigstone Creek Hike

Twenty-four hikers enjoyed a fine day on the hike at Fort Ethier and the Bigstone Creek. We embraced the challenging hills, sauntered on the paths along the creek’s edge, and absorbed the wonderful views of the valley from above.
Bigstone Creek

The day ended with Mrs. Lucas, the landowner, giving a well-received 15 minute overview of Fort Ethier, its purpose and her family’s part in its story.

Fort Ethier

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Fort Ethier - Bigstone Creek hike


1 thought on “Fort Ethier and Bigstone Creek Hike”

  1. The important part of this hike were many challenging ups and downs, creeks,many different style of stiles, canola plants, alpacas, very old old Calgary Trail, old Fort Ethier, and last but not least Mrs Lucas explaining the history of the fort and her family connection with fort. It was very interesting to go through this hike in the company of a wonderful hikers. A very big thanks to John and Terry who successfully led this hike.


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