Saunders “Saunter” left us speechless.

It was an extraordinary day…and we have pictures that say it all.

The hike was the north section of the trail along Saunders Lake. The cold and rain probably scared many people out of even thinking of coming out. But for the eight of us who braved the weather, it was worth every minute.

The abundance of saskatoons was incredible. And the flowers in bloom are just as varied as ever.

We saw warblers, a ruddy duck, an owl, pelicans…and the remains of a nest.


The highlight was watching a fawn on the path lope (saunter?) toward us. As quietly as we could, and making as little motion as possible, we snapped photos. Eventually, the fawn stopped coming further. It turned around and disappeared into the woods. We let it get far ahead before we resumed the hike.






And then on our return after lunch, a few of us stopped at a clearing to examine a plant. For some reason, we all looked up at the same time…and saw a porcupine asleep in a tree.

After those two encounters, there’s nothing left to say…except check out the photos on Flickr. There are 71 of them.

5 thoughts on “Saunders “Saunter” left us speechless.”

  1. I love getting the photos of the hikes It reminds me so much of all the happiness I experienced on the trail.

  2. Looks like another very special day on the trail. Never know what we’ll encounter! Thanks for the recap and photos.

  3. In addition to JoAnne’s capturing the awesomeness of the day with photos and captions I would like to give a big bouquet to trail maintenance group for doing an amazing job clearing the trail. It was an easy and beautiful Hike.


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