North Hastings Lake and Allen Nature Trail Hike

Beautiful blue sky, warm summer breezes and mosquitoes welcomed us at the trail head.

Blue skies of North Hastings Lake

Twelve hikers set out on the Canada Day weekend hike to North Hastings Lake and the Allen Nature Trail. We hiked through trees, over fields and detoured around sloughs.

After hiking the Allen Nature Trail, we stopped at the historic St. Margarets Church for lunch.

Bird's nest with four tiny blue eggsA short walk to North Hastings Lake to watch pelicans, ducks, and American Avocets. On the return we stopped to view a small nest with 4 tiny blue egg that the maintenance team had flagged for us. Bluebird?…Goldfinch?

Jerry showed us many different flowers including poisonous water hemlock, smooth aster and long leaved chickweed.



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Hikers at St. Margaret's Church

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