Battle River Trail Clearing

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day perfect for working on the trail and showing off the beauty of the valley with it’s fall colors.  You will have to forgive me for my blue green tinged pictures of late….did you know when you buy a new cell phone it has a cellophane cover on the screen AND the camera eye???? 009

We cleared from A60 to Schnee hill. One group  cleared one way from A60. The second group drove down the county line road to 1km from Schnee and clear there and back, looking for a wonky boardwalk to replace, and found the one there still not too bad. We then cleared towards the other group. 010

Afterwards we dropped our boardwalk wood in the bush in the middle of the section where there are two walkways needing resurrection and that we will do another time. We had brought wood for a new stile but did not find it although there is a stile needing a new post. There was a short crossing of a crop where we carried the mowers; hopefully the crop is cut by hike time. 008

One mower refused to propel forwards and was abandoned at the beginning. The Ariens mower handle broke wrestling it with a tree root.  A fence attacked Mike’s jeans and ate a chunk! All in a day’s work!006

The trail is in good shape and we have more access roads than I thought which is great for maintenance!

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