Maintenance at Ministik Bird Sanctuary

Fortified with adequate people to clear the extreme growth we cleared a park like trail in the woods! It was a longer distance than what we’d normally do for maintenance as there is no way out from the middle of Ministik other than our trail. The predator brush cutter was perfect for cutting into the wall of green with 3 people taking turns. We started from A87 near Twp Rd 502 and went up to Horseshoe Lake with our energetic chain saw workers going 1.5km past that! We ended the day at McDonald’s in Beaumont where some enjoyed the new trend of coffee and ice cream!TM Ministik Aug 10 (7)TM Ministik Aug 10 (6)TM Ministik Aug 10 (4)

1 thought on “Maintenance at Ministik Bird Sanctuary”

  1. The predator is an amazing piece of equipment. Especially useful this summer with all the lush growth we’ve had.
    I like the new coffee and ice cream trend!


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