Maintenance: Meeting the challenge

Yesterday nine of us set out with a plan of 3 building projects along different parts of the trail . As is often the case, the plan is challenged with reality when we execute it.

We started in North Miquelon gaining access through an empty lot at Sanctuary Estates. Luck was with us as a house build was in progress with the basement being dried so no workmen were around. Using a barely visible overgrown path leading to the bridge built previously, we finished it with ramps and a few boards saving much time and effort as its location is in the middle of a 5km section of trail.

We then drove past Miquelon Park down Rabbit Run road to another section of Miquelon where 300 meters from the road last year we covered a wet area with a 5 section boardwalk. It now sits in the middle of a lake! So we carted down all of the wood we brought and built as many more sections as possible but were unable to place them without rubber boots. It is a task easier done when the water is lower.

001 003

With no materials left to build a new bridge at Kopp lake we were forced to call it a day and go for coffee! Thank you to the 8 volunteers out!

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