Landowner Rights & Trail User Responsibilities

The Waskahegan Trail is a unique resource that exists only because of the generosity of landowners. Before you set foot on the trail, know the landowner rights and the trail user responsibilities.

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Hiking Ross Creek and Riverside Trail

Sandra lead hikers June 11th first through the short section along Ross Creek. Then they explored Riverside Path with views of the North Saskatchewan River and interesting sites like an eagles nest, a grass duckling and wild asparagus.

Natural Arbour

The Sun lighting up the path

Ross Creek – Mushrooms all in a row

Wild Asparagus

Duckling (can anyone identify)? Bufflehead ? See comments…

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Lake Tawayik Hike

Lake Tawayik in Elk Island National Park was a fabulous hike. The group went the full circuit even with a lot of water barriers.

So many wonderful young people from different countries through our Meetup group.
A long day much longer than ordinary.

Enjoy more photos on Flickr.

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South Coal Lake Hike: Lush and long

Highbush cranberry blossomsSouth Coal Lake is especially lush at the moment. The foliage is fresh and green from the recent rains. The trees continue to bloom—now we have highbush cranberry in addition to saskatoons and chokecherries. And the bluebells (Mertensis), the wild strawberries, and white Canada violets are just getting started.

The air buzzes with columns of fish flies (Chironomids) while flocks of black-faced Franklin gulls circle above.

The Coal Lake area is also grand. The lake is wide and long, the banks are high, and the trees tower above the trail.

Talking about Gwynne Valley at Hughston Stopover

In this setting, 22 hikers set out on Sunday like a marching row of ants. We brushed through the narrow path over meadows, through woods, and up and down hills—some of which featured ropes and stairs. We watched pelicans on the water and a hawk overhead. And Helen shared the the story of the geological origins and features of the Gwynne valley.

At the end, we said a big thank-you to the trail maintenance crew who put in extra long hours on Saturday to make this Sunday hike perfect.

You can find more photos on Flickr.

South Coal Lake



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