North Miquelon Hike

Eleven people came out to hike the North Miquelon section of the trail. In order to get all the way to a favourite lunch spot in under 11 km, we started our hike at the north end of Miquelon Provincial Park—specifically Group 7 campground. After a short walk through the woods the trail opened up to meadows of tall flowers and grasses, with the lake behind.

Miquelon Provincial Park

This is a trail we had not visited in some years because of the high water levels. Here on the prairie, and perhaps this is a Beaver Hills-area phenomenon, water levels seem to fluctuate not year-to-year, but more like decade to decade. It really becomes noticeable when you’re maintaining a trail over a fifty-year stretch.

This year the water had subsided so that just one long boggy patch remained. Trail Maintenance very cleverly covered the path in spruce limbs to make it easier to cross. The other change since we hiked here last was the two small sloughs that we used to walk between, had merged into a small lake. The reroute around this secluded lake brings you very close to the edge and it’s quite stunning.

Here are this week’s beauty shots:

Thanks to Lee for scouting the hike and to Trail Maintenance for their hard work and ingenuity. Thanks also go to the landowners for their continuing permission and to Alberta Parks and Rec and the staff at Miquelon Provincial Park for maintaining a park of sensitivity and great beauty. You can see all the photos on Flickr.

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Middle Coal Lake: Kjorlien Corner to Point Cooperation Hike

Last Sunday afternoon, three people came out on the holiday weekend, despite the heat and looming, thunderstorm, to hike the Middle Coal Lake part of the trail. We hiked the section from Kjorlien Corner northward to Point Cooperation.

The day was warm and overcast, with some occasional cooling breezes. Fortunately we avoided the rain, and there was only a sprinkle on the drive home.

This is a trail that has a bit of everything—a series of relatively smooth trails through the fields along the edge of the lake interspersed with a series of narrow, hilly trails through the trees.

Along the way there were 4 different kinds of berries to eat: saskatoons, raspberries, strawberries and dewberries.

And we watched the occasional pelican out over the lake.

We also spoke to one of the landowners, who reminded us to try to keep the trailheads obscure and the paths narrow to discourage ATVs.

Our lunch was at Point Cooperation, so named for the teens cleared this section as part of their summer work in 1975.

Thanks to Peggy leading the hike and to Trail Maintenance for mowing and clearing the path, and to the landowners for their continuing support. You can find more photos on Flickr.

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